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  • Flange Isolating Gasket Kits

    Zero-leakage static sealing gaskets

  • ApogeeAero® Roller Casing Spacers

    Revolutionary anti-corkscrewing casing spacer rollers

  • Flange Band Protectors

    Kleerband® Flange Protectors allow for 360° visual inspection of flanges.

  • Radolid® Protection Caps

    Radolid® Protection Caps will ensure proper bolting, even after years of exposure to the elements!

  • U Bolt Cote

    Eliminate Crevice Corrosion

  • Innerlynx® Modular Mechanical Seals

    Introducing the NEW Sizing Calculator!

  • Safety Spray Shields

    Protect your personnel and the environment while maintaining equipment performance.

  • Inspect-A-Lift

    Adjustable pipe support system

Flange Isolating Gasket Kits0 ApogeeAero® Roller Casing Spacers1 Flange Band Protectors2 Radolid® Protection Caps3 U Bolt Cote4 Innerlynx® Modular Mechanical Seals5 Safety Spray Shields6 Inspect-A-Lift7
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Radolid Protection Caps

Radolid® Protection Caps are used to eliminate corrosion of nuts and bolts and allow quick removal when necessary.
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APS' Innerlynx® form a mechanical seal between pipes going through walls, floors and casings. Non-conductive Innerlynx® can be installed quickly by one worker with no special tools; absorbs vibrations, shocks and sound waves; and electrically insulates the inner carrier pipe from penetrated structure.
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