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We provide products to chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, marine vessels, paper mills, cosmetic and perfume plants, food processing plants, aerospace, mining, refineries and many other industries that require them for particular applications. Our products are designed to meet the stringent safety guidelines for agencies like OSHA and the EPA. We recognize the need to provide safety in the working area for personnel and the environment.

The following products are applicable in these industries: 

Safety Spray Shield

Flange Isolating Gasket Kits

Kleerband® Flange Protectors

Kleergel® Inhibitor Grease

Radolid Protection Caps

Duocon Centralizers 

Innerlynx® Penetration Seals

Foreman Nite Caps

UBolt-Cote® Pipe Supports + Atlas® Support Pads

Inspect-A-Lift® Pipe Support System

Raq-gard Corrosion Isolators






made in the usa