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Kleergel® Inhibitor Grease

Environmentally friendly synthetic grease


Heavy duty synthetic grease used in conjunction with Kleerband Flange Protectors to prevent corrosion and protect your pipeline. A high performance synthetic grease is non-staining, non-toxic, multipurpose lubricant which outperforms other petroleum based grease. 

Kleergel® Inhibitor Grease contains no impurities, making it more durable than the leading petroleum based lubricant. In addition, Kleergel® isn't easily prone to oxidation, emulsification, and other destructive chemical reactions. 

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 Shelf Life
 -> 10 years

 Dielectric Strength

 500 volts/ mil (ASTM-D149)
 Water Content
 < .001% (Karls Fisher method)
 Salt Spray Test
 Pass (ASTM D2596)
 Solubility in Water
 Operating Temperature Range
 -50°F - 500°F


Additional Spec Information

made in the usa