KleerGel®’s Heavy Duty Synthetic Grease

This high performance synthetic grease is a non-staining, non-toxic multipurpose lubricate which outperforms all petroleum based greases and many synthetic greases. Compared to petroleum-based greases, which contain many impurities, KleerGel’s® product is free of contamination and is one reason why it performs better at higher and lower temperatures and under more demanding conditions.

Synthetic lubricants by their nature are not as easily prone to oxidation, emulsification and other destructive chemical reactions, which are inherent to petroleum-based greases. KleerGel® further improves the performance of its grease by adding special anti-wearing, anti-rusting, and anti-oxidative additives.

Petroleum based greases contain impurities which reduce film strength and decrease wear protection. These greases form by adding thickeners (calcium, sodium, lithium) to petroleum based oils, which form harmful deposits at high temperatures and solidify at low temperatures.

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  • Non-toxic and non-staining with CLEAR appearance

  • NSF H-1 “Food Grade” Certified

  • Excellent adhesion –will not drip, run or evaporate

  • Dielectric –will not conduct electricity

  • Compatible with conventional petroleum based greases

  • Will not damage wood, leather, plastic, fabrics, metals or painted surfaces

  • Maintains good viscosity over wide temperature ranges (-50°F to 375°F)

  • Has anti-oxidant, anti-corrosive and anti-wear additives to ensure prolonged use (about four times longer life that conventional petroleum grease)

  • Biodegradable and non-flammable

  • 100% synthetic with no petroleum distillates or contaminants

  • Hydrophobic –100% waterproof and will not wash out with hot, cold or salt water

  • Industrial grade lubricate that is safe to use on bicycles, recreational vehicles, boats, automobiles and an unlimited number of household items

  • Thixotropic properties provide excellent viscosity characteristics which insures continued protection during wide temperature and load shearing changes

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Available In:

  • 14 oz. cartridges

  • 5 gallon pails

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