Radolid® Protection Caps

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Radolid® Protection Caps are used to eliminate corrosion of nuts and bolts and allow quick removal when necessary. These caps are easily installed by pressing the cap onto the bolted joint by hand. Radolid® Caps barbed edges snap in place, preventing the caps from accidentally being removed.

Radolid® Caps are manufactured with low density UV-resistant polyethylene and are reusable and ca be reapplied 2-3 times. To ensure against corrosion from condensation accumulating in the caps, we recommend brushing nuts with Kleergel® Corrosion Inhibitor Grease. Radolid® Protection Caps will keep nuts and bolts corrosion free for years.

before and after bolt corrosion

Standard Sizes

Standard Radolid® Protection Caps are manufactured of low density black UV-resistant polyethylene that withstands temperatures of -84 °F to +210 °F. They are also resistant to water, brine, hydraulic fluid, diesel, greases, gasoline, hydrochloric acid concentrate, sulfuric acid to 40%, nitric acid to 40%, ammonia, and acetum. Further resistance properties can be given upon request.

Standard Radolid® Protective Caps are black, but they are also available in clear, white, red, grey, silver and other colors on request. The different types manufactured include:

  • Type (1) for standard nuts or bolts without washers

  • Type (2) for a nut or bolt with washer, and an adjustable telescopic two piece cap that can be produced in various lengths (It is even able to fit check nuts)

Our caps are sized to fit heavy hex nuts only; they will not fit finished nuts properly. Radolid® Protection Caps are manufactured in sizes to fit 1/4 inch to 3 3/4 inch diameter bolts or studs. High temperature material of Polyamid A4H for use up to +430 °F is available.

Radolid® for Wind Turbines

APS offers our Radolid® Nut & Bolt Protection caps for Wind Turbines. These Radolid®’s are manufactured with low density, UV-resistant polyethylene. Radolid® is easy to install, reusable, and will protect your nuts and bolts from corrosion.

  • Operating Temperatures: -84°F to 210°F

  • Self cutting threads for a firm and secure hold

  • Various heights for different excess bolt lengths

  • Suitable for wind turbines and anchor bolts

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