Bore & Duct Bank Spacers

Conduit-in-Casing Applications

APS offers a solution to running cables, wire, and piping through open-cut trenches or existing carrier piping. Bore Spacers or Duct Bank Spacers are manufactured with high-strength HDPE or polypropylene for the installation of electrical or communication conduit. APS can manufacture for a variety of applications.

Double-Ply Bore Spacers

Multi-Piece Duct Bank Spacer

Bore Spacers

For Electrical, Conduit-in-Casing or Communication Applications

APS Bore Spacers are designed to support and cradle conduit for ease of installation, allowing optimal free flow of grout, thereby eliminating voids. APS Bore Spacers are manufactured with high-strength HDPE or Polypropylene and are designed to support and cradle electrical or communication conduit for ease of installation under roads, railroads, or other obstacles, for casing sizes 8″ diameter and up.

Bore Spacers maintain accurate conduit position and alignment that will result in a reduction of installation time, isolation, boosting efficiency and ensuring that the installation is performed correctly every time.

bore spacers


  • Reduces installation time

  • Electrically isolates

  • Accommodates any types of conduit or casing pipe

  • Custom designs

  • 8″ to 96″ diameter casing

The number of conduits and configurations are unlimited. APS can custom design Bore Spacers to fit your specific application.

bore spacers

Duct Bank Spacers

Used at open-cut segments of electrical conduit installations, such as trenches, and do not require added features associated with Bore Spacers, such as grout holes or rollers.

In addition to single piece Duct Bank Spacers, APS also offers multi-piece Duct Bank Spacers to accommodate all types of installations.

Multi-Piece Duct Bank Spacer

Single Piece Duct Bank Spacer

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