External Mount Split Wall Sleeves

The External Mount Split Wall Sleeve is designed for sealing pipe penetrations through walls, floors, and ceilings in atypical scenarios. This wall sleeve is unique in that it can be installed after cement has been poured, whether that is 5 days or even 5 years. It also installs quickly and easily around existing piping in retrofit projects.

The External Mount Split Wall Sleeve can also be used to back-up or replace existing wall penetrations which have inadequate sealing capability. These wall sleeves, combined with our Innerlynx® modular mechanical seals, can withstand up to 40 psig or 92 feet of head pressure. All External Mount Split Wall Sleeves come with anchor bolts and hardware for installation onto your pipe and concrete form. Material types offered: Gal-vo-plast® Steel, Stainless Steel, or Plain Steel.

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External Mount Split Wall Sleeve Applications

  • Wall, Floor, & Ceiling Penetrations

  • Hospital Mechanical
  • Quite Rooms
  • Electronic Equipment Rooms
  • Aquariums
  • Commercial & Residential Plumbing
  • Septic Tanks
  • Vibrations, Shock, & Sound Dampening
  • Pumps & Tanks
  • Power Plants
  • Power Generation Dams
  • High-Pressure Tank Guards
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Public Works
  • Manholes & Precast Concrete Forms
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Wall Sleeve Components

**APS manufactures the wall flange and side flange seals pre-attached to the wall sleeve prior to delivery. No additional installation instructions for the wall flange and side flange seals are required.

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