Infinity® HDPE Wall Sleeves

Infinity® wall sleeves are designed for concrete poured barriers to construct a circular penetration through walls, floors and ceilings. Infinity® HDPE wall sleeves are lightweight for an easy one-man installation. The Infinity® wall sleeve is available in 16 sizes ranging from 2”– 25” in diameter and can accommodate wall thickness up to 16”.

Infinity® wall sleeves, combined with our Innerlynx® modular mechanical seals, can withstand up to 40 psig or 92 feet of head pressure. All Infinity® wall sleeves come with two locator caps used to position and attach them to the cement form. The best way to guarantee a perfect seal is to use Infinity® wall sleeves in conjunction with Innerlynx® modular mechanical seals. They’re engineered and sized to provide a stable hole that matches dimensionally with Innerlynx® modular mechanical seals. This makes ordering quick and easy and guarantees a perfect fit every time.

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Infinity® Features and Benefits

  • Available in 16 sizes (2″ – 25″ in diameter)

  • Made of HDPE

  • Lighter than steel
  • Positive hydrostatic seal
  • Resist water migration
  • Adjust to wall thickness
  • Locator caps
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Infinity® Weights and Dimensions

Model ID (in.) ID (mm) lbs.
IS-2 1.950 49.53 1.06
IS-3 2.890 73.41 1.68
IS-3.5 3.360 85.34 1.85
IS-4 3.970 100.84 2.08
IS-5 5.110 129.79 2.82
IS-6 6.110 155.19 3.44
IS-8 8.125 206.38 5.00
IS-10 10.090 256.29 6.41
IS-12 12.070 306.58 9.06
IS-14 13.930 353.82 10.03
IS-16 16.050 407.67 12.01
IS-18 17.220 437.39 13.67
IS-20 18.920 480.57 14.24
IS-22 20.125 511.18 15.00
IS-24 22.563 573.10 17.70
IS-25 24.750 628.65 19.13
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In the absence of wall sleeves, mechanical/utility piping vibration can cause costly wall damage. Protect your investment and use Infinity® wall sleeves.

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