Keep Unwanted Items Out

Foreman Nite Caps are available in 1 1/2 to 48 inch sizes, and guard against water, mud, rocks, skids, bottles, cans and other accumulation found in both new and old pipelines and keep animals and small children from entering, as well.

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Lightweight and Easy to Install

Because Foreman Nite Caps are made of lightweight metal, one man can install a 30 inch model without assistance. A few turns of a single bolt forces disc plates together pressing a rubber gasket against pipe walls as a barrier to unwanted items. Nite Caps, however, are not pressure-holding devices.


Field tested by major companies and practical pipeliners, Foreman Nite Caps have been proven both durable and long-lasting. The rubber used on the Nite Caps can withstand a temperature range from -40° to 260 °F. These Nite Caps can also be vented when desirable.


Foreman Nite Caps outperform inefficient caps, sacks, sheet iron plates and canvas covers, and are reusable indefinitely. Replacement parts such as gaskets and other components are available. Patent No. 2720893

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