Raq-Gard® Corrosion Isolators

Easy to install, lightweight corrosion isolators eliminate corrosion between pipe and I-beam. Raq-Guard®‘s ribbed underside provides for better adhesion characteristics. Tests indicate Raq-Gard® has more load bearing capacity than other products


  • One size fits all diameter piping

  • Extreme chemical resistance

  • Easy to inspect pipe racks

  • Will not increase pipe vibration

  • Tensile strength = 27,000 psi

  • Compression strength = 45,000 psi

  • Eliminates numerous pipe sleeve sizes

  • Eliminates mechanical damage

  • Eliminates corrosion between pipe and I-beam

  • Decreases maintenance costs

  • Sustains heavy load bearing pipes

  • Reinforces engineered resin

raq guard product
raq-gard isolators

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