Gal-Vo-Plast® Wall Sleeves

Gal-Vo-Plast® wall sleeves prevent corrosion for better durability and longer life. Gal-Vo-Plast® is the new standard coating to replace galvanizing. APS offers stainless steel, carbon steel, and Gal-vo-plast® wall sleeves in 12” standard lengths with a 2” water stop. Diameters range from 2” to 120” and custom lengths are available.

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Gal-Vo-Plast® Features and Benefits

APS Gal-Vo-Plast® wall sleeves are manufactured to order and can accommodate any wall thickness. Each wall sleeve is available with a water stop that anchors the sleeve to prevent thrust movement and insure positive water sealing. APS standard water stops are centered, unless otherwise specified.

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Gal-Vo-Plast® Wall Sleeves

  • More durable
  • All coating performed in-house
  • Considerably more economical
  • Longer installation life
  • Faster availability especially for custom wall sleeves


Galvanizing Wall Sleeves

  • Does not resist corrosion as long
  • Must be sent out of factory to be galvanized
  • More expensive
  • Shorter installation life
  • Custom wall sleeves usually require an additional two weeks to galvanize
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Gal-Vo-Plast® is a specially developed Proprietary Coating System to replace galvanizing.

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