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Our pipeline-related products are designed to accommodate many diverse industries. Whether your project requires cathodic protection, corrosion prevention or safety products to protect personnel, we stand with confidence that we can provide your firm with excellent service and top quality products.

Casing Spacers & End Seals
NEW Field-Adjustable Runners are available for Casing Spacers with 8" wide bands. Casing spacers are available in stainless steel and steel bands in 8" and 12" width and injection molded polyethylene (1" to 48"). End seals available in pull-on, wrap-around neoprene, zipper and molded pull-on.

Molded rubber pipe/wall penetration mechanical seals.

Flange Isolating Gasket Kits
Plain face or Nitrile faced phenolic, Durabla, Durlon, Lydall, NEMA grade G-7, G-10 and G-11. The Trojan "O"-ring type gasket; Isolating sleeves of phenolic, Mylar, polyethylene, Nomex, G-10 and one piece integral sleeves of Minlon. Sizes from 1/2" to 160" in diameter.

Flange Band Protectors
NEW Kleerband Flange Protectors are the new clear advantage to prevent corrosion. Also available in stainless steel for preventing corrosion between flanges on piping systems. All sizes available.

U Bolt Cote®
Rubber coated U Bolts for corrosion resistance and cathodic protection. All sizes available.

Safety Spray Shields
PTFE, polypropylene, PVC, polyethylene and stainless steel shields for preventing spray out of hazardous chemicals due to gasket or packing failure on flanges, valves and expansion joints.

Radolid® Protection Caps - Nut/Bolt Protection Caps
Injection molded caps for preventing corrosion on nuts of bolts and studs. Sizes from 1/4" to 3 3/4" in diameter.

Wall Sleeves
Manufactured of HDPE or steel with water stops. NEW Gal-vo-plast® Coating.

Hammer Cushion Pads
Phenolic pads for all size hammers.

Monolithic isolating joints, 1/2" to 100" diameter, ANSI 150# to 2500#, Gr. B to X70. Available for pipeline in stainless steel, with inconel or incolloy internal cladding, etc.

Meter Service Fitting
Internally lined to give a high degree of electrical insulation. Effectively separates the consumer electrically from the main service trunklines. Available in forged steel and steel to copper.

DuoCon Centralizers - Polyethylene Spacers/Insulators
Corrosion resistant polyethylene material for dual containment systems. Sizes from 1" to 48".

Maloney/Foreman Night Caps
Available in 1.5" to 48" sizes.

The proven solution to crevice corrosion at pipe supports.

Easy to install, lightweight corrosion isolators eliminate corrosion between pipe and I-beam.

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